Aberdeenshire Council Stonehaven Bay
JBA Consulting DBA

Project Background

The objective of the project is to deliver a flood protection study to consider options to reduce coastal flood risk within Stonehaven and Cowie. The study will consider both existing and future flood and erosion risk to the frontage and see the development of a ‘long list’ of potential options to manage this risk. The long list will be screened to a ‘short list’ of short, medium and long term options using multi-criteria analysis; this type of analysis allows for the consideration of more than just the engineering based pros and cons of each option, incorporating socio-economic, environmental, built heritage, landscape and tourism issues into the mix. Benefit-cost calculations based upon the short list options will subsequently reduce the list to a preferred option, which will aim to bring all of the important issues within Stonehaven and Cowie together.

Project Background - Stonehaven Bay Flood Studies