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Option Appraisal

A long list comprised of 21 different options for providing flood risk protection to the frontage has been developed.  This was presented to stakeholders and the public at an evening event held in Stonehaven on 29 January 2019.  Following the event comments were received from a number of local residents, councillors and Stonehaven Flood Action Group with regard to the different options presented.

The long list of options will be whittled down to a short list; details of the options on the short list will be provided when available.

Going forwards, each of the short listed options will go through an economic assessment, ultimately resulting in the preferred option for the frontage. 

The options are being assessed against a range of criteria, with the aims of these presented within the table below:


Assessment criteria



Technical performance and adaptability

Provides desired standard of protection throughout the design life of the scheme or is easily adaptable to allow for modifications for climate change through time. Provides protection to full extent of benefit zone.


Safe to construct, local sources of appropriate material for construction, suitable ground conditions and would not conflict with existing services, primarily the sewer main along the front.


Capital cost

Low capital cost.

Maintenance and monitoring

Minimal ongoing maintenance and/or monitoring requirements and costs.


Ecology and environment

No environmental impact on local habitats, geology and ecology, including local designations.


Works with nature to provide natural protection and does not downgrade the existing classifications.


Landscape and Heritage

Works with the existing landscape and is sensitive to listed buildings and heritage designations.


Maintains access to beaches, considers local views and provides connectivity along the frontage.


Strategic alignment

Aligns with local strategies.

Stakeholder views

Supported by stakeholders and the local community.


Waste management and contamination

Minimal waste disposal requirements or contamination risks.

Regulatory consenting and approvals

Regulatory framework would be readily achievable.



Option Appraisal - Stonehaven Bay Flood Studies